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What if your employee benefits program could produce these types of results for your organization?


Annual Dividend


10 - 15% Initial Reduction of Healthcare Costs


Annual Premium Increase

*Statistics are 6-year averages for Coalition Clients

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1. Are you looking for creative ways to free up additional capital?

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4. Do you feel like your current agent is fully transparent with you?

5. Does your agent communicate how they earn their commission?

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Healthcare Benefits For Groups Over 50 Employees

Cogent℠ Advisors

Our purpose at Cogent Advisors is to help organizations improve their current & future enterprise value via several strategies, a primary one coming through our Employee Benefits Advisory Services. We accomplish this goal with our clients per the plan we outline at the outset of every relationship.

Part of being Driven Together℠ means complete transparency. Hear from our CEO regarding our process and why transparency & accountability are a cornerstone of how we operate.