Employee Benefits Options

At Cogent, we are Driven Together℠.

We are truly changing the way the middle market buys insurance.

At Cogent Advisors, we are Driven Together℠ to improve our clients’ current & future Enterprise Value. This is achieved via a mix of four economic engines.

Group Purchasing Coalitions

With our proprietary healthcare purchasing coalitions.


  • There are currently 215 organizations totaling 40,000 employees that are part of this program
  • Those organizations have experienced a 26% annual dividend (6-year average)
  • Have only incurred a 2.5% annual premium increase (6-year average)
  • Plus, a majority of them see a 10 – 15% reduction in healthcare spend 

Corporate Employee Benefits

Not every company qualifies for our coalition, and in some cases, a self-insured model is not a viable option. For employee groups under 100, we offer fully-insured options.

Employee Benefits are typically a Top 3 expense for any organization. So, it is extremely important to find a transparent and trustworthy partner. At Cogent, we perform all the necessary plan strategy & management functions needed to ensure an efficient delivery of benefits programs to participants, while keeping an eye on long-term financial viability.

Cogent Ecosystem

Our Partner Group has an extensive background in driving Enterprise Value.

We have developed the Cogent Ecosystem which includes 16 primary tools, and numerous Partner Tools all designed to drive EV for our clients.

Through our process, we uncover the needs a client has and implement a set of tools over the year to continually drive EV. No other employee benefits brokers have the management consulting background to be truly Driven Together℠ with their clients. We do.

This is all laid out clearly during the Design Phase of our process and is continually implemented & monitored via Quarterly Scorecards.

Data Analytics

Make better decisions and control your Total Cost of Benefits.

At Cogent we help our clients transform data into knowledge. Our national platform partners serve over 500,000 members and integrate benchmarking data for another 22M lives nationwide. 

Maybe it’s time to expect more.

We believe you should expect more from your benefits advisory firm. You deserve a partner to give you a strategic advantage saving you time, energy and money.

Contact us to see how Cogent  Advisors can partner with you to significantly improve your Enterprise Value.