Expect More

Improved Current and Future Enterprise Value

Our clients expect more when it comes to the value and service they receive from their employee benefits agency. Is it time for you to demand more as well?

The client experience and our process are designed and measured around these objectives for our ideal clients:

  • Improved current and future enterprise value
  • A recurring annual dividend check
  • Level or reduced medical expenses
  • Clarity regarding organizational goals and objectives
  • Improved production efficiency
  • Improved organizational process clarity and functionality
  • Improved KPI performance
  • Clearly defined position descriptions at every level

    Traditional Service Model

    • Rushed attitude due to a broken model
    • Reactive approach caused by overwhelm with too many client responsibilities
    • No time for a personal connection or relationship
    • No timely communication
    • Lack of standard operating procedures creating chaos for you and them
    • Lack of clarity in organizational direction and how your business fits into it

    The Cogent Service Model

    • Quarterly report cards focused on clearly defined annual objectives
    • Proactive and scheduled service
    • Capacity monitored and managed
    • Personal relationships a must
    • Direct and preferred communication plan
    • Senior-level expertise only
    • Clearly defined roles and expectations
    • Listens with compassion and provides clarity to any and all questions
    • Clarity in the face of chaos


    Cogent Advisors